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Registration to become an Avesta vendor involves two steps: Compliance Depot (CD) & OpsTechnology (Ops)
Items to know prior to setup:

  • ACH/Direct Deposit payment is required of all vendors – we are paperless!
  • If you are aleady setup with Compliance Depot for other companies, please contact CD directly to be added to Avesta’s list
  • If you are an off-site vendor (do not come on Avesta property) you will still need to be added to CD, however, will be marked “Exempt”
  • If you are already setup with OpsTechnology for other companies, login to your OpsMerchant account and add the code: invoiceavesta01
  • Enrollment/payment is not required to receive a sample certificate. We encourage you to review the requirements BEFORE paying enrolling

step 1



Registration for Compliance Depot includes the following:

  1. Contact (888) 493-6938 option 5 to pay an annual fee directly to Compliance Depot.  Annual fees for on-site vendors are $99. 
  2.  Once your fee has been paid, you will be provided with a username and password to monitor your account.
  3. Submit current W-9. You can download the form here. Fill in the required information email or fax (877)665-8910.
  4. Sign a vendor agreement.  Review the form here . E-Sign this document via your Compliance Depot online account.
  5. Pass company and principal background check. These include: criminal, government watch lists, sex offender, bankruptcies, liens and judgments.
  6. Have adequate insurance coverage depending on industry code. Be sure to choose the proper industry code when registering. Industry Code List
  7. Have the correct additional insured language** on your insurance. 

**During the registration process, you can utilize your account online to view, download and/or submit documents

**Wording on certificates MUST BE EXACT. A missing comma or an extra “s” at the end of the word makes these certificates unacceptable


step 2



Registration for OpsTechnology includes the following:

  1. Register as either an E-Invoice or Managed Catalog vendor (see differences below)
  2. Login to your OpsMerchant account
  3. Activate all applicable Avesta locations (keep in mind the sites will not be able to see your company until this step is complete)
  4. Once account requests are accepted/activated, setup is complete

**Electronic invoicing prevents invoices from getting lost in the mail and gets payments to our vendors much faster

Managed Catalog Electronic Invoice
Catalog of products/services hosted on Ops Checkmark-e1335300127375
Electronic orders are sent from Buyer to Merchant Checkmark-e1335300127375
Electronic invoices are sent from Merchant to Buyer Checkmark-e1335300127375 Checkmark-e1335300127375
Category types that are a great fit
  • MRO supplies
  • Paint supplies
  • Painting services
  • Flooring
  • Office supplies
  • Appliance sales
  • Pest control services
  • Landscaping services
  • Appliance repairs
  • Electrical services
  • HVAC services
  • Apartment locators
Credit Card required at registration – registration fees charged to credit card Checkmark-e1335300127375 Checkmark-e1335300127375
Supplier billed by Credit Card Checkmark-e1335300127375
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