Invoicing Options

Managed Catalog Electronic Invoice
Catalog of products/services hosted on Ops checkmarkteal
Electronic orders are sent from Buyer to Merchant checkmarkteal
Electronic invoices are sent from Merchant to Buyer checkmarkteal checkmarkteal
Category types that are a great fit
  • MRO supplies
  • Painting supplies/services
  • Flooring          
  • Carpet cleaning  
  • Cleaning supplies 
  • Office supplies
  • Appliance sales
  • Pest control services
  • Landscaping services
  • Construction services
  • Marketing products
  • Appliance parts/repairs
  • Electrical services
  • HVAC services
  • Apartment locators
Credit Card required at registration checkmarkteal checkmarkteal
Supplier billed by Credit Card checkmarkteal
Select the link to complete registration registernowteal registernowteal

**Please note, any invoice not submitted in one of the above fashions will be returned to you via email so that you can correct your submission**

Additionally, when submitting invoices we ask that you follow the below instructions. Adhering to these guidelines will assist us in prompt payment:

1. Do not leave your invoice at the site.
2. Include the community name, line item descriptions, and use black ink on all invoices.
3. Please include the WTN (PO) number provided by the community.
4. Please include a signed partial waiver (which can be found here) if your invoice is for a progress payment.
5. Please include a signed final waiver (which can be found here) for final payments.
6. If you submit hand written invoices, write clearly, check the total, and use black ink.

For more information on becoming a catalog vendor please visit:


SPECIAL CASE vendors (i.e., offsite, designers, photographers) ONLY may submit invoices in one of the following fashions:

  1. EMAIL:
  2. MAIL: Avesta c/o COMMUNITY NAME, PO Box 112246, Carrollton TX 75011